Dinning tables set


Signature service and tailored menu selections

Food servers standing behind table

Fireside Hall

Building entrance with sun shining
  • Seats approximately 120
  • A stand alone facility for any of your group’s functions
  • Pool deck and patio allows for creative functions and events

Skyline Hall

Building front covered entrance
  • Flexible seating up to 280
  • Espresso bar and lounge
  • Accompanying outdoor terrace

Meadow View Lodge

Covered entrance porch
  • Dining area
  • Lounge
  • 2 common restrooms
  • Sleeps up to 56
  • 20 guest rooms
  • Central meeting room


We are running a set menu this season, please call for more information about menu options.

  • Our lodging rates include meals served in one of our dining facilities.
  • Add breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner to customize your package.

Rates subject to change without notice and do not become final until contracted.

More about the facilities